05 January 2011

Update 5.X to Latest Releases from sitecore 6.X

There are a few extra steps involved in getting your CMS upgraded to the latest Sitecore recommended release. The conversion tool converts your system from a Sitecore 5.x structure to a Sitecore 6.x structure, but it won’t bring you all the way to the top:
The purpose of this tool is to convert Sitecore CMS databases from version 5.3.2 rev.090212 or later to 6.0.2 rev 090507.
Using the conversion tool is the longest step in the upgrade process, so you should plan your content freeze  accordingly (users will not be able to edit content during this stage). The extra steps, which are quicker and easier, are necessary to update Sitecore to the latest available version. Here is an overall map that will lead you to the latest release of Sitecore CMS:
For versions prior to 5.3.0:
Use the Data Migration Module to bring your system up to version 5.3.x.
Click here for more information.
From 5.3.x to 5.3.2 rev 090212:
Here is an example update path starting from Sitecore CMS 5.3.0 rev. 061102. If your version is not listed, see the link below for specific upgrade paths.
  • CMS 5.3.0 061102 or later to CMS 5.3.1 070328
  • CMS 5.3.1 070328 to 5.3.1 070924
  • CMS 5.3.1 070924 to CMS 5.3.1 071114
  • CMS 5.3.1 071114 to CMS 5.3.2 090212
Click here for instructions and downloads
From 5.3.2 rev 090212 to 6.0.2 rev 090507
Here is where you use the database conversion tool. This will probably be the longest step in the upgrade process.
Instructions on downloading and using the tool can be found here.
From 6.0.2 rev 090507 to 6.2.x:
1. Upgrade to Sitecore CMS 6.1.0 Update rev.090630 (initial 6.1.0 release)
Instructions for this upgrade can be found here.
2. Upgrade to Sitecore CMS 6.2.0 rev.091012
Instructions for this upgrade can be found here.
3. From here, you can upgrade to the latest release of Sitecore CMS. For a full list of update information and instructions for each version update, visit the following section of SDN:

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  1. Check out the new features, improvements, and changes here.

    Instructions for updating to 6.3 can be found here on SDN.

    You must upgrade to Sitecore 6.2.0 rev. 091012 or later before you install this update.

    The update involves the following:

    1. Install the update package using the Update Installation Wizard.

    2. Make the proper web.config changes

    3. Run a SQL script on all DBs to update the database schema to Sitecore CMS 6.3.0.

    4. Update and recompile your code (new .dlls have been added – see SDN update section for more info)