02 October 2015

Best Sitecore Accelerator - Draft

Hi Folks,

The discussion panel between three of the hottest Sitecore Accelerators in town was nice and informative though little lengthy and finished early :) ..

It would be great if we could have feature to feature comparison, well that's mine wish not everyone's or may not feasible one. Anyway I have gathered few insights and following is my take on 'Best Sitecore Accelerator'..

To judge accelerators following are the criteria, well again this is my list may not fulfilling or comprehensive.

  • Developer's Take
  1. Ease of Development
  2. Learning Curve
  3. Integration with Tools and Technology
  4. Ability of Customisation or pitfalls to it
  5. MVC Vs Web Forms
  6. BCL with Sitecore
  7. Upgrade Experience
  8. Miscellaneous Features
  • Other's Take (Marketers, Project Directors, Decision Makers etc.,)
  1. Vision or Objective of Founder
  2. Licensing 
  3. Training
  4. Support
  5. Release Cycle
  6. Accelerator Team Size / Commitment 
I am publishing this post while I have not even filled the blanks for my input for above criteria but than I want to see if someone can add more to it. I have put target to complete this post within 10th October so that while buzz of 'Sugcon 2015 NA' settles we have some great conclusion around and believe me I will not end up with 'winner lies in beholder eyes'..