11 July 2011

Sitecore 6.5 Series - 1

Hey we know that we miss last version news in this blog!!!

But not this time, Sitecore recently release its first ready for production 6.5 version, which has more focus on OMS... but now people say as it DMS(Digital Marketing System), aahh a new marketing buzz word from Sitecore. They also add new synonyms in there warhead which called as CEP (Customer Engagement Program)... uff again a marketing buzz word.

Anyway we will get into bottom of it & found out what is really there in Sitecore 6.5 for Web Market & obviously for our beloved developers.

Let say first talk about CEP:-

They coined this termed so that they get umbrella where they could put all there latest stuff for marketing and better representation in Executive world as Microsoft is also market Sharepoint 2010 as said "Collaboration Platform".
If we want to define little technically & features wise this CEP, then please read following bullets:-

  • Inline Personalization :- Editors can personalize or create new personalization variations right on the page and toggle among the variations to see the visitor experience.
  • Profile Cards & Patterns :- Profile keys and profiles now roll up into profile cards. Patterns display a visual representation of profiles.
Will later comeback into this in coming series of new posts in our blog related to each feature in Sitecore 6.5
Do Some talk about DMS:-
The Digital Marketing System (DMS), like its predecessor, has four key features.  The first of these is Engagement Analytics. This is a feature-rich set of tools that covers all the bases (so to speak). Executive C-Level Insight, Experience Analytics, Real-Time Personalisation, Campaign Optimization and A/B MV Testing are all thrown into the mix, giving marketers a much clearer picture of user behavioural patterns and enabling them to apply findings to subsequent campaigns whilst keeping a beady eye on the bottom line.

Next up is Email Marketing (previously called Email Campaign Manager or ECM) but now integrated within DMS.  Here, as you would expect, email campaigns can be created, tested and optimised with the added benefit of more enhanced engagement tools like Lead Nurturing and Lifestyle Engagement which allow you to build detailed profiles and encourage prospects during their buying cycle, all of which can be integrated with your CRM. 

The third feature of Sitecore’s DMS focuses on engagement and strategy formulation across different channels. Engagement Automation allows for one-on-one interactions with leads and customers, all done with a unified strategy that automates responses.  The system remembers previous interactions which then enables marketers to use these results to build a picture of engagement, and as a result, roll out an engagement strategy that will make all leads and customers feel that extra bit special (and we all want to feel special).

And so we move on to the fourth feature of the Sitecore Digital Marketing System - Sales Intelligence. Like its predecessor in OMS, Sales Intelligence provides marketers with a direct link to their sales team by being able to funnel new, active and well qualified online leads. There is also an out-of the-box daily lead report which provides detailed intelligence on prospects. Throw in Sales Response Prioritisation and Emailed ‘Rep Alerts’ directly to PC and mobile and you’re left with a well-oiled sales funnel system that will integrate with your CRM and keep your sales team busy.

The Digital Marketing System has more teeth.  It is more refined.  It has more scope. It is innovative and thanks to its improved API offers more scalability and better integration opportunities. DMS is better equipped to ease into today’s fast-paced digital world of web, social media, email and mobile.  In fact Sitecore states that with DMS we can all “understand campaign and site performance and gain the insight needed to improve conversion rates and generate more qualified leads through web, email, mobile and social channels.”

In Next post will discuss more about CEP features in realtime, so wait for next scoop !!!