23 December 2010

Sitecore Terminology maps to Umbraco

Here at ProWorks we have built a web site using the Sitecore CMS (Wasatch Funds) and had a great experience. We are Sitecore Partners and like to use Sitecore when it makes sense. Sometimes the web sites we are asked to build have budget constraints or are just to small to warrant using Sitecore. In that case we typically have been using Sitefinity to build smaller, simpler sites (Forest Seedling Network).
We like Sitefinity, but an open source project called Umbraco recently caught our eye. The similarity to many of the Sitecore like functions is great because we like the Sitecore experience generally. Of course, the functionality may be similar but the terminology is not. Therefore, I’m creating a terminology map to help me keep some of this straight.
This will be a work in progress and here is what I have so far:
Sitecore Umbraco
Templates Document Types
Visual Rendering editor Templates
Layout Master Template
SubLayout Sub Templates
Edit Rich Text Editor settings Stylesheets (can add generated styles to Rich Text Editor)
Renderings (XSLT/Web Controls) Macros (XSLT/Web Controls)
Similar to using items as picklists (somewhat) Data Type to create new field editors
So far there doesn’t appear to be an equivalent to Sitecore SubLayouts in Umbraco (to be able to have placeholders inside of controls/macros).
EDIT: Sub-templates seem to perform the general functionality of Sitecore Sublayouts.
Anything I’m missing or confused on?
Author :- by Jason.
Source:- http://www.proworks.com/blog/2009/07/15/sitecore-vs-umbraco-terminology/

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