15 December 2010

Introducing the Lucene Index Viewer

I have earlier complained about Sitecore 6 Lucene implementation hard-coding compression, making it impossible to view the index in Luke. Further I have often wanted to view an index in production, where a Luke installation wasn’t allowed.
Therefore I decided to implement an index viewer and I am proud to announce, that it is now released. It has been added to the Sitecore Shared Source modules. Go to http://trac.sitecore.net/IndexViewer to download the package or the source. To see some screenshots go to http://trac.sitecore.net/IndexViewer/wiki/Documentation.
In the IndexViewer it is possible to: See information about an index (Last modified, number of ducuments etc.), browse the documents in an index and search through the index using different Lucene Query types.
Let me know if you have any comments, feature request or similar. Enjoy!

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