14 December 2010

Approaching Language Fallback with Sitecore

Today I would like to present to you a prototype I have been working over past couple of weeks. This solution is built around a story about language fallback requirements of a fictitious multinational company. This is just an example of how you can approach similar requirement.
There is a number of alternative solutions that the Sitecore gurus from all over the world came up with, so you could naturally ask me: what is so special about this approach?
Well, here is a couple of things coming to my mind:
1. It is granular, field based solution.
2. It is consistent with the product architecture, relying on proven technologies such as Standard Values provider.
3. It is friendly to business users as they can clearly see what attributes falls back using familiar Content Editor UI.
4. This solution covers all major data access methods: direct API, Sitecore Query, Search via in-built Lucene engine.
I should mention, that Fast Query, is not respecting these settings, because this data access technology is simply not language aware. No language fallback solution that I’ve seen works with Fast Query.
5. It has minor impact on performance – I ran a few performance tests and confirmed it.
6. It is quite generic.
7. It is flexible.
8. It is plug and play.
Anyways, hope you find this useful. Any feedback (good or bad) is always welcome. Enjoy!
Posted by Alex Shyba

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